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Welcome to MEGAlink / ZONElink Home Services
The MEGAlink / ZONElink Management comprises of 5 highly dedicated individual experienced agents who have accumulated more than 30 years of practical 'know-how' of the Real Estate industry. Management individuals compliment each other in different areas such as Training, Information Technology (IT), Business Development and Office Support to scale the company as well as to empower the individual with the right tools to greater heights.

Our Company stresses on good work ethics, teamwork and willingness to continue learning and upgrading in every level from the Management to the individual Agent.

We strive to make a difference in the Real Estate industry. As such, the Management team has achieved certifications in Conveyancing Law, Common Examination for Housing Agents (CEHA), Advance Certificate in Training And Assessment (ACTA) as well as the National Skills Recognition System (NSRS) which is endorsed by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA) in Singapore.

Our Company policy is to train every dedicated individual to be a committed professional agent to serve our client well and to provide par excellent services.

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